Teatro Amador Panama City

August 09, 2022
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party at Teatro Amador Panama City
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Panama, Panama

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Hip-Hop, Pop


Live Music


Teatro Amador in Panama is a clubbing experience rich in history.

Teatro Amador opened its doors in 2013 after being renovated from a 1908 movie theater into a bustling nightclub. The club is in Casco Viejo, a historic neighborhood in the heart of Panama. The area is known for its boutique hotels, restaurants, and fabulous nightclubs.

Teatro Amador adds richness to Panama nightlife as the remnants of the theater it once was are apparent in the baroque architecture and velvet drapes of the nightclub. Not to mention the elegant chandelier that tops the dance floor.

The two-story nightclub brings together the class of the past with elements of the present. For guests looking for a more exclusive experience, Teatro Amador features a fabulous VIP space upstairs.

The nightclub is popular in Panama nightlife for the variety of music played there. Teatro Amador offers a selection of electronic, hip-hop, salsa, and even some jazz.

Teatro Amador features a proper acoustic setup perfect for live performances and events, for when it hosts local bands, DJs, and artists. Patrons usually dress to the nines when going for a night out at Teatro Amador, so make sure you tick the box.

Teatro Amador adds quirkiness to clubbing and is a must-see in Panama nightlife.

© @teatroamadorpanama / Facebook


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