Taiga Beirut

July 20, 2022
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party at Taiga Beirut
© @Taigabeirut / Facebook

Beirut, Lebanon

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500




Local, Casual, Live music


Taiga is known as one of the best after-party destinations in the Lebanese capital.

After the success it witnessed in Batroun, Taiga expanded to Beirut, opening a second branch in the busy business district of Sodeco, central Beirut, in 2010 by Emile Barbari.

Both English and Arabic music lovers can come together under this club’s roof, which is known for a tuneful mix of R&B, house, Arabic, and commercial dance music. Majd Moussally and Maher Jah are some of the top Lebanese music artists who have drawn smiles over hundreds of faces with some memorable performances.
The club attracts a fancy crowd who turn up in their fashionable best.

With great live performances and a buzzing vibe, and it is no surprise that Taiga has become one of the country’s top nightlife destinations.

Saturday @ Taiga Beirut 111014 | © BeirutNightLife / YouTube


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