Studio 80 Fort Worth

August 29, 2022
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party at Studio 80 Fort Worth
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Fort Worth, USA

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Pop, Electronic




Since it opened, Studio 80 has taken party-hoppers in Fort Worth neck-deep into the ‘80s.

The retro club opened in 2011, uniquely designed for Fort Worth’s nostalgic residents. The club first opened in the Cultural District; only a tragic fire forced it shut.

In 2016, Studio 80 rose again from the ashes in Sundance Square, Downtown Fort Worth. The area is considered an entertainment hub and tourist attraction.

The club reopened on a bigger scale with a massive dance floor, a patio, VIP lounges, and a fashion-centered space with its runway. The decor is unique, with mirrors and clocks hanging on the club’s walls. Also, the disco vibe is taken a step further with full-on sequined pillars.

Studio 80 was born to entertain with circus nights, rock nights, and masterful DJs. As the name suggests, the music is a mix of throwback hits, so brace yourself for all the flashbacks. There are occasional Latin and 2000s nights for those who like to vibe to contemporary-ish beats.

Whether you’re Gen X or Gen Z, Fort Worth’s Studio 80 redefines nightlife in Fort Worth.

© @StudioEighty / Facebook


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