Soho Club Vilnius

July 20, 2022
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party at Soho Club Vilnius
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Vilnius, Lithuania

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Pop


LGBT, Live music


Soho Club is one of the premier LGBTQI+ clubs in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Soho Club was first established in 2007, right in the center of southern Vilnius’s Naujamietis administrative district. The exterior of the club is a thirst trap with pictures of really fit men, dazzling against neon lights. Unlike other clubs that have dim lighting, the interesting illumination and decorations of the interiors of Soho Club make the atmosphere more vibrant. It is topped up with witty LGBQIT+ themed pictures and paintings.

This club boasts high-quality performances from the DJs playing electronic and pop music and jaw-dropping performances by cabaret dancers, making it the perfect place for the LGBTQI+ community, and well-groomed hipsters.

The authenticity and extravagance of Soho Club are hard to match. With its energetic music and lively ambiance, it is one of the most popular LGBTQI+ clubs not just in the city but in Lithuania.

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