Sky Rim Cairo

August 25, 2022
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party at Sky Rim Cairo
© @SkyRimMokattam / Facebook

Cairo, Egypt

Other / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2k




Live music, Rooftop


Ever wondered what Cairo’s streets looked like from the city’s highest peak? Wonder no more; Sky Rim has made your nightlife dreams come true.

The Cairo club resides in Al Mokattam, a neighborhood situated atop a hill. Sky Rim’s perfectly centralized location and views of Cairo’s ever-so-swarming streets make it stand out. If you linger around after midnight, the sky makes for an unmatched backdrop for your Instagram feed.

Sky Rim has a sleek, modern interior with indoor and outdoor areas at your disposal. An accommodating dance floor is in the epicenter of the club, with lounges surrounding the lively happenings.

Though the Cairo club borrows international designs, Sky Rim remains true to its roots. Arabic pop hits and international commercial tunes blast through its speakers, keeping partiers entertained till the wee hours of the morning. The nightclub / bar occasionally hosts local pop singers like Hassan Shakoush.

If you’re looking to see how locals spend their weekends, Sky Rim is where Cairene fun crystallizes. People from all walks of life rush to the Cairo club for its spectacular panorama, refreshing breeze, and delicious cocktails.

Sky Rim gives patrons a much-needed break from the city’s unending hustle and bustle.

© @SkyRimMokattam / Facebook


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