Section 8 Melbourne

August 05, 2022
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party at Section 8 Melbourne
© @sectionmelbourne / Facebook

Melbourne, Australia

Bar / Outdoor Only / XS – 200-500


R&B, Electronic, Pop


Casual, Alternative, Live Music


Section 8 is an iconic semi-outdoor bar that showcases exciting DJ sets and live music.

Section 8 was established in 2006 in southern Melbourne’s East End Theatre District. The bar / club operates inside a container with graffiti, keg seats, colorful lighting, statues, luscious plant life, and an intimate dance floor.

Guests can feast their ears on diverse music, including hip-hop, electronic, R&B, jazz, and rock. Section 8 garners a diverse audience looking to immerse themselves in its festive ambiance.

The vibrant atmosphere and unique setting of Section 8 separate it from other nightlife spots in the city, thus resulting in its visitors having memorable and unmatched experiences.

© @sectionmelbourne / Facebook


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