Secret Room Club Marrakesh

July 27, 2022
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party at Secret Room Club Marrakesh
© @SecretRoomMarrakesh / Facebook

Marrakesh, Morocco

Club / Indoor Only / XS 200 – 500


Electronic, R&B


VIP, Upscale, International


Secret Room is a sultry nightlife spot taking Marrakesh by storm.

What used to be VIP Room is now known as Secret Room, which resides in Marrakesh’s center. The nightclub spreads over two floors with hanging chandeliers and elaborate light installations.

Secret Room’s modern interior and spacious dance floor allow patrons to experience theater-like nights in the city’s heart.

Avant-garde dance performances are a main attraction at the Marrakesh nightclub, complemented with open-format DJs sessions that keep the night alive. A stylish crowd of mature professionals frequents the club for its unmissable entertainment.

If you’re a sucker for extravagant show nights, Secret Room is your go-to nightlife destination.

© @SecretRoomMarrakesh / Facebook


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