SASS Vienna

July 20, 2022
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party at SASS Vienna
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Vienna, Austria

Club / Indoor Only / N/A


Electronic, Pop


Underground, Students


“Show, don’t tell” appears to be the motto of the reputable Vienna club SASS. 

SASS nightclub launched back in 2011 ushering the way for Viennese electronic clubs to adopt a different approach to clubbing culture. 

SASS is in a prime location on Karlsplatz: a town square in the heart of Vienna, carrying stories from the past in its buildings and landmarks. The club is near the Vienna Museum, Vienna Business School, and a subway station.

It is on the basement floor of a building with stairs leading to an open space and dance-floor referred to as the ‘living room’. SASS stands out with its sleek and classic design, novel to underground nightclubs.

The club invites Viennese up-and-coming talents to play electronic and house beats. If you visit their website, you can play their mixtapes and get a feel of what awaits. 

SASS loudly and proudly advocates for social justice and equality. Its crowd is a mindful one that enjoys conscious partying in a safe  and welcoming environment.

The club enforces its strict  ‘no tolerance policy’ when it comes to any form of bigotry.  From the stairs to their website, it constantly reminds you of its all-embracing code. SASS is for those who enjoy the sheer acceptance of old-school nightclub culture. 

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