Revolver Upstair Melbourne

August 05, 2022
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party at Revolver Upstair Melbourne
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Melbourne, Australia

Club / Indoor Only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Pop


Live Music, Casual, Alternative


Revolver Upstairs is Melbourne’s premier multi-function venue that has 23 years of history under its belt.

Revolver Upstairs has been around since 1997, making the city’s Central Business District its home. The club operates inside a classic Victorian building decorated with artworks, graffiti, chandeliers, and metal fencing.

Due to it being a multi-functional space, Revolver Upstairs showcases an eclectic range of live music gigs and DJ sets. You can hear everything from electronic to rock and pop. As a result, it attracts a diverse audience with different music tastes.

The club has established itself as one of Melbourne’s staple nightclubs by giving its clientele a unique ambiance, great music, and mouth-watering Thai food.

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