Presleys Pretoria

December 12, 2022
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party at Presleys Pretoria

Pretoria, South Africa

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2k


Pop, Electronic


Casual, Local, Upscale


With more than 24 years of history, Presleys is at the forefront of Pretoria’s nightlife with its diverse music, themed nights, and lively vibes.

The Pretoria club has been delivering unparalleled clubbing experiences since 1992. Presleys is housed inside a blue warehouse in the residential Die Wilgers neighborhood in Pretoria’s eastern suburbs.

Spanning a large space area, the club boasts two roomy dance floors, each with a unique ambiance. After catching fire, Presleys was renovated to resemble American bars with a retro flair.

Featuring a stage and plenty of seating, the club is immersed in red and black, with colorful lighting sprawling in all directions.

When it comes to music, Presleys guarantees everyone is grooving with throwback beats blasting in one room and top-tier electronic music in another.

Aside from the cacophony of its thumping music, this Pretoria club is renowned for its loyalty to its roots. Patrons can enjoy sokkie performances, a dance style unique to South Africa.

The nightclub has its arms open for everyone as it is a magnet for energetic local parties of all ages and from all walks of life.

Presleys is your place to enjoy live performances, fiery nights, and authentic Pretoria nightlife.

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