Plastic Belgrade

June 16, 2022
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party at Plastic Belgrade
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Belgrade, Serbia

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Jazz


Live music, Underground, VIP


Plastic is one of the most popular and biggest nightclubs in the city.

Starting as an underground club, Plastic first opened its doors in 2003 on the well-known Takovska Street, right in the center of Belgrade. 

The venue contains two different clubs inside: Plastic and Mint. In Plastic club, local DJs Ike and Prema perform house and techno music on Wednesdays. Thursday nights are lit with EDM sounds. Fridays feature commercial house music.

But the main parties are on Saturdays with clubbers grooving to mainstream hits. On the other hand, in Mint, guests can enjoy completely different genres such as acid jazz, funk, and progressive.

With the club sporting an international look at par with clubs worldwide, the place is a big hit among foreigners. And thanks to the various club nights, Plastic club is a go-to for all kinds of music lovers of different ages and backgrounds.

A huge capacity for accommodating 800 people, splendid VIP services, and an assortment of music genres make Plastic club among the best nightclubs in Belgrade.

Club Plastic – New Year PROMO VIDEO | © ClubPlasticBG / YouTube


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