Pipper Club Rio de Janeiro

July 17, 2022
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party at Pipper Club Rio de Janeiro
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k


Electronic, Pop


Live music,, LGBT


Pipper Club is the ultimate destination for party hoppers seeking a taste of authentic Rio de Janeiro nightlife.

Serving unmatched party vibes since 2011, Pipper Club is in the heart of Centro. The area is known as the historical and financial center of the Rio de Janeiro.

Housed in an Art Nouveau building with arched windows and an ornate exterior, the grandeur of the facade opens up to a raging club within. This multi-level nightclub has an outdoor terrace for partiers to take smoke breaks as they please.

Since Pipper Club remains one of the torchbearers of Brazil’s nightlife, it comes as no surprise that the club holds performances by the likes of Ludmilla and Lexa.

World-renowned electronic DJs such as Marcio Gomes and Gustavo Jr make it to the picture at Pipper Club.

An open bar serves a variety of drinks sure to attract local and international crowds. The hype around Pipper Club is well-earned with its excellent sound system, light installations, and visual effects.

With the combination of performances by famous artists to free-flowing drinks, Pipper Club is the epitome of Brazilian nightlife.

© @pipperclub / Instagram


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