Otel Florence

July 29, 2022
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party at Otel Florence
© @otelvariete / Facebook

Florence, Italy

Club / Indoor Only / S – 500-2k


Electronic, Pop, Reggae


Upscale, International, Live Music


Otel will satisfy your hunger for Florentine antipasti and upscale parties.

Otel is east of the city and was initially called Otel Varietè. Otel, designed by Massimiliano Morlacci, is the largest club in Florence, with three different rooms showcasing spacious dance floors where you can go wild.

Otel is the club where you should go all out, whether with your dance moves or fashion choices. Put your glam on and head to Otel to break it down to some of the grooviest reggae, hip-hop, electronic music, and live performances. Whatever dance floor you end up on, your night will be remembered.

A nightclub where you can dine and dance surrounded by a friendly crowd and attentive staff? Otel sure sounds like a club where nightlife dreams come true.

© @otelvariete / Facebook


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