Nur Bar Rome

July 14, 2022
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party at Nur Bar Rome
© Nur Bar / Facebook

Rome, Italy

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200


Electronic, Pop, Jazz


VIP, Upscale


Nur Bar is one of Rome’s elegant multi-room nightclubs.

It is located in central Rome’s historic Municipio I inside the eighteenth-century Palazzo Capranica del Grillo building. Nur Bar is complete with two floors which serve as a basement dance space and lounge, and a view of the church of Sant’Andrea Della Valle.

Its spaces revolve around three music genres: electronic, pop, and jazz. Nur Bar is home to the city’s elegant and stylish party-goers, regardless of age or background.

With its chic design and top-notch facilities, Nur Bar has established itself as one of the premier high-end clubs in Rome.

Il venerdì del Nur Bar è JustWine | © Nur Bar Club / Youtube


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