Nuke Club Berlin

June 10, 2022
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party at Nuke Club Berlin
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Berlin, Germany

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Pop, Metal, Rock


Live Music, Alternative


Head-bang all night at Nuke Club to some stellar rock and heavy metal. 

Nuke Club first opened in a Lichtenberg building previously occupied by the famous rock club K17. The area is home to many German landmarks like Friedrichsfelde Palace.

With a grungy and industrial interior, Nuke Club has a dark essence that stands out from the rest. The Berlin nightclub also has a backyard that offers a quick break from dancing for some fresh air.

Nuke Club is particularly popular for its rock and heavy-metal nights. Berlin’s techno-focused nightlife can overshadow these genres, and Nuke Club’s patrons appreciate the niche it offers.

Berlin’s goths and rockers flock to Nuke Club for a chance to indulge in its top-notch music repertoire. Though the club is rock and metal-focused, an array of young Berliners haunt Nuke Club for a new adventure. 

Expand your music taste at Nuke Club for a night of uninhibited leisure. However, the Berlin nightclub is temporarily closed in 2022 for relocation purposes.

Arroganz @ Nuke Club Berlin (14.10.2018) | © HARDLINE TV / YouTube


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