Munch Club Rotterdam

August 09, 2022
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party at Munch Club Rotterdam
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Rotterdam, Netherlands

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k


Pop, Hip-Hop


Casual, International


When it comes to unforgettable clubbing experiences, Munch knows how to deliver memorable nightlife festivities.

The club opened in 2019, replacing the former Club Vie. It is in a building beneath Willemsbrug Bridge on the Maasboulevard, the main eastern access road from the center of Rotterdam. Munch spans two rooms and an arcade area, offering different experiences to various tastes.

The nightclub invites music lovers to partake in its immersive experience. You can either enjoy outstanding performances and feast your ears on the electric range of music in the main room or visit the second room for lounge music and a relaxed atmosphere.

Classy and fancy-looking, Munch invites fashionable young people to dance the night away on weekends.

With its sassy and sexy interior to its rollicking dancefloor, Munch is more than a simple night out – it’s an experience.

METZ – De Club van 100 | MUNCH Rotterdam | Metz The Real House Event / YouTube


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