Monocle Club Madrid

March 12, 2022
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party at Monocle Club Madrid
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Madrid, Spain

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Raggae


Live music, Upscale


Monocle Club brings the best current music in an elegant atmosphere.

Established in 2000 in the diverse Tetuán area, Monocle Club quickly became one of the most well-known party locations in the city.

The Monocle’s intimate and luxurious space provides a combination of commercial music, electronic dance music and Latin music, generally attracting an audience of clubbers in their 30s.

From the exquisite design of the rooms to the high end service, Monocle Club has been giving their best in the game, focusing on the intricate details which elevate the clubbing experience and establish a benchmark for Madrid nightclubs to follow.

Nochevieja en MONOCLE – | © nocheviejamadrid / YouTube


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