Money Club Belgrade

June 16, 2022
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party at Money Club Belgrade
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Belgrade, Serbia

Open air / Indoor / S – 500-2k


R&B, Electronic, Hip-Hop


Live music, VIP, Upscale


Money Club is your escape to a luxurious night out in Belgrade.

Money Club quickly became one of Belgrade’s hottest favorites when it opened its doors in 2018 on the Sava River in Savski Venac, central Belgrade. The club is on a barge over the waters and is housed in a structure that has vertical beams on all sides, lending it a chic look.

Money Club, with its resident and world-famous DJs, showcases R&B and hip-hop music every night, attracting a sophisticated crowd. With its prominent VIP services, it sees a heavy footfall of the elite and glamorous circles of Belgrade.

Every party at Money Club is exquisite, as it is Belgrade’s first premium summer R&B nightclub. Amazing parties, a premium sound system, and attractive VIP packages make Money Club an irresistible clubbing spot in the nightlife scene of Belgrade.

Money Club Belgrade / Matinee / DJ Prema | © DJ Prema / YouTube


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