Mogra Tokyo

November 09, 2022
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party at Mogra Tokyo
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Tokyo, Japan

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200


Pop, Electronic, Rock


Underground, Alternative


Mogra is the right place to end the night in Tokyo if you’re a die-hard anime fan.

Established in 2009, Mogra nightclub is in Akihabara, north Tokyo, nicknamed ‘Electric Town’ for being a central hub for electronic goods, video games, anime, and manga.

With a maximum capacity of 150 clubbers, this underground nightclub features an intimate dance floor and an elevated stage. Projectors surround the dance floor to create a custom visual experience for dancers.

The music at Mogra is an eclectic blend of anime songs, game tunes, and commercial beats. Mogra is fitted with a state-of-the-art Pioneer DJ sound system.

Young otakus frequent Mogra, but everyone is welcome, from locals to international tourists.

Mogra’s clear and crisp sound system is so good that you can feel and hear the bass go through you.

© MOGRA / Youtube


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