Miami Nightlife Most Instagrammable Spots

April 29, 2022
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On your wild night out, Miami has no shortage of lovely and unusual settings to take an Insta-worthy photo. With its luxury nightclubs, hipster pubs, and neon-tinged streets, Miami’s nightlife is sure to provide you with the perfect photo backdrop. From Art Deco’s richly embellished architecture to the mesmerizing sunsets of Biscayne Bay, these Instagrammable places in Miami should not be missed.

1. Museum Garage

© @clarissa_campbell_soup / Instagram
© @samantha_osman / Instagram

When it comes to monochrome aesthetics, Museum Garage is beyond anything you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Its utterly quirky yet absolutely fantastic façade is completely Insta-worthy.

The inside features numerous wonderful “take my picture here” possibilities – like the hot pink staircase and vivid, speckled rooftop. The museum’s vibrant colors and unique design make it an absolute must for Instagramming in Miami.

2. The walls at Wynwood

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A trip to Miami isn’t complete unless you take a picture in front of the lofty Wynwood wall art. Is it a little cliché? Yes. Is it trendy  among tourists? Yes. Is it a must for your social media feed? Of course.

Wynwood Walls is a true Miami artsy staple and an essential backdrop for your collection of Miami Instagram pictures. Whether you want to photograph the murals alone or use them as a background for your next shot, these dazzling artworks are sure to completely Miami-fy your Instagram.

3. Fendi Colonnade at the Design District

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This Fendi Orange by day and purple by night, this Fendi delight — the brightly colored columns – is situated in Miami’s design district. The pillar’s structure is splashed in rainbow hues, making this spot a perfect place to snap a vibrantly colorful picture for Instagram. Shut up and take me to Fendi already.

4. Ocean Drive

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Ocean Drive is a Miami boulevard with magnificent art deco buildings for photography. Several of Ocean Ocean Drive is the quintessential Miami boulevard that’s brimming with magnificent art deco buildings for photography. Several of Ocean Drive’s art deco resorts and eateries have appeared in films and TV shows. Is it an uber touristy area?

Yes, so you might be a collateral victim of the boulevard’s hustle and bustle. But can you picture leaving Miami without a photo of Ocean Drive’s bright neon lights? We couldn’t. When it comes to Instagrammable Miami locations, Ocean Drive is a must-stopover.

5. Biscayne Bay

© @keybiscayne / Instagram
© @marrionmiami / Instagram

Biscayne Beach is an iconic area of South Florida, providing some of the most jaw-dropping backdrops for Instagram mini photoshoots. The shores of Key Biscayne, which are situated on a coastal island opposite to Miami, are renowned for their laid-back ambiance and tranquil vibes.

Crandon Park Beach hosts various mangroves, dunes, and coastal hammock habitats. It is one of the nicest beaches on Key Biscayne – both sunsets and sunrises are absolutely breath-taking. As a matter of fact, the Key Biscayne lighthouse is totally worth checking out if you find yourself in the area.

6. Area 31 at the Kimpton EPIC Hotel

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Area 31 is nestled on the 31st level of the upscale EPIC Hotel. You will, without a doubt, enjoy a heart-stopping view of Downtown Miami. Visit the hotspot at night to indulge in the happy hour boozy frenzy and enjoy expensive panoramas of the city lights from the Brickell neighbourhood. All eyes would be on you in this Instagrammable Miami spot.

7. The Garden House

© @gardenhousesobe / Instagram
© @gardenhousesobe / Instagram

Aren’t flowers the go-to backdrop for a boho-chic Instagram feed?

The Garden House, which serves rustic Colombian cuisine, received high marks for its delectable cuisine and laid-back atmosphere. When it comes to design, the restaurant makes the most of its floral arrangements – thus giving you many spots where you can snap photographs.

8. Literally anywhere at Basement

© @basementmiami / Instagram
© @basementmiami / Instagram

The stunning neon signs and retro visuals are what make this nightclub unique. You don’t have to capture the jaw-dropping city only during daylight. Miami is also brimming with indoor Instagrammable places. Basement Miami’s glow-in-the-dark environment and dynamic light beams are complemented by a lively ice rink, beverages, and bowling alley.

This cutting-edge location is an unmissable Instagrammable spot – especially if you decide to put your ice skates on and glide to an ever-changing light spectacle.

9. The pool at Casa Casuarina

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© @fcrz / Instagram

If you are into Versace or intricate designs – or both – this once Versace-owned estate turned premium luxury hotel should be at the top of your bucket list. Resembling Dubai’s Palazzo Versace vibes, the design features a unique blend of lofty window panes, mosaic swimming pools, and a tiled terrace.

You could pretty much snapshot of each and every corner of the Villa at Casa Casuarina –  but the pool is the lottery winner. With a photo taken at this location, you’ll be about to blow the minds of your Instagram followers.

10. Casa Florida

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Exotic craft drinks may work well as props at Casa Florida, particularly with its vintage pink décor. With this vibrant restaurant, your next Instagram post will be imbued in rich Miami culture – Casa Florida is the oldest recorded hotel license in the city’s history.

From the tropical-themed elements to the beachy vibe, Miami’s best-kept gem is the perfect spot for Insta-worthy pictures.

When you visit the Sunshine State’s crown jewel, make sure to chronicle your whole journey with the greatest shots at these Instagrammable Miami places. Your Instagram feed will thank you later.


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