Metropolis Club London

June 09, 2022
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party at Metropolis Club London
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London, United Kingdom

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k


Pop, Hip-Hop




Metropolis is one of the largest music venues in London nightlife.

Metropolis has been a prime location for entertainment since its launch in 1991. The fascinating Metropolis is in East London’s urban neighborhood of Cambridge Heath. The area is known for its impressive art galleries and Victorian residential buildings.

Metropolis has a whopping five floors of unlimited entertainment. Each of the floors dons a unique atmosphere. One of the floors even has sand on the ground to bring in beach vibes.

The nightclub plays familiar commercial music from various genres that keep the nights lively and energetic. Metropolis has pole dancers entertaining a crowd of hot and bothered party-hoppers. How often can you say you partied at a strip club?

Metropolis offers a unique, grand experience guaranteed to keep you hooked. 

Metropolis Summer Disco Series | © Metropolis Club / YouTube


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