Maggy Club Utrecht

November 29, 2022
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party at Maggy Club Utrecht
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Utrecht, Netherlands

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200


R&B, Electronic, Latin


Casual, Alternative


Once a storage space, now a music temple, Maggy’s history is etched in its walls.

The club was once a harbor cellar along the city’s canal in Binnenstad, Utrecht’s city center. In its past life, Maggy was called Maggy Malou, but in 2016, the intimate club chose a new identity with a different decor, logo, and name.

From the plants crawling on its low ceilings and bird cages to the dim lights and graffitied words scrawled on the walls, Maggy immerses you in an otherworldly feel.

A selection of electronic, urban, R&B, Latin & afro-house music echoes through Maggy’s walls, reverberating in your core. Utrecht’s nightlife gem also features artists you wouldn’t want to miss, like the electronic wizard Freddy Moreira and the multi-platinum DJ LA$$A.

The alternative club attracts a young casual crowd, seeking beyond what ordinary nights could offer.

Thanks to its unique vibes and sought-after DJs, Maggy’s mark on Utrecht’s nightlife is undeniable.

© @ClubMaggy / Facebook


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