Madrid Parties in 10 Pictures

Madrid’s parties summed up in 10 pictures
June 18, 2022
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© @teatrokapitalmadrid / Facebook

Madrid is known for its unique party life. 

Parties in Madrid are always wild, unique and untamed. From the racy Medias Puri to Fabrik Madrid’s electro beats, a fun night out is always guaranteed.

Here’s what it’s like to party in Madrid summed up in 10 pictures.

1. Clandestine parties at Medias Puri

© @medias_puri / Instagram
© @medias_puri / Instagram

If you are into racy parties, Medias Puri is your bestie. 

Disguised under the aesthetics of a secret neighborhood nightclub, Medias Puri is one of the hottest places to be in Madrid. Always packed to the brim with clubbers, this music mecca is the go-to spot for Madrid parties.

Featuring three different dance floors that can hold up to a thousand wild partygoers, this venue attracts everyone who is into delish cocktails to saucy shows.

2. Dancing at the famous Teatro Kapital

© @teatrokapitaloficial / Instagram
© @teatrokapitaloficial / Instagram

You can’t consider yourself a veteran clubber unless you rock Teatro Kapital’s dancefloor. 

Without a doubt, Teatro Kapital is Madrid’s biggest club. With seven floors, each with its own designated theme and music genre, you’ll never run out of parties in this nightclub.

Looking for a cocktail bar, karaoke area and an open-air rooftop terrace? It’s your lucky day – Teatro Kapital has all of them ticked. Maybe their 360 approach to clubbing makes it a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike.

3. Techno nights at Goya Social Club

© @goyasocialclub / Instagram
© @goyasocialclub / Facebook

When you’re in Madrid and into techno, this clubbing mecca is heaven on Earth. 

Inspired by international clubs from vibrant metropolises like Paris, London, and Berlin, Goya Social Club promises nothing but the best DJs. 

And it doesn’t disappoint on that one. Goya Social Club is your one-way ticket to an unforgettable clubbing session thanks to their diverse repertoire of house and techno beats.

A big chunk of the crowd is made of youngsters, but expect to see anyone who is into techno make his way on the dance floor.

4. Spellbinding nights at Fabrik Madrid

© @fabrikmadrid / Instagram
© @fabrikmadrid / Instagram

Looking for a bewitching clubbing experience? Good news – Fabrik Madrid has it all covered for you. 

Featuring an industrial vibe, Fabrik Madrid is all about delivering the best electronic beats in the Spanish capital. 

Oftentimes finding its place within the Top 100 clubs in the world, Fabrik Madrid parties harder than any other Spanish club. The mega club is home to internationally-acclaimed DJs like Steve Aoki and Marco Carola

It has an impressive capacity of 4,000 people – so expect to see a good part of Madrid’s youth here.

5. Trippy parties at Planet Club

© @planetclubdisco / Instagram
© @planetclubdisco / Instagram

Planet Club is the ultimate party destination for those seeking an off-the-wall clubbing experience.

Situated near Plaza de Santa Ana, Planet Club takes pride in its neon visuals and eclectic light system. It’s home to Madrileñan nights, so you’re bound to get an authentic taste of parties in Madrid.

The club’s beats and eclectic design attracts hundreds of clubbers from all over the world – however, most of those party seekers are young locals.

6. The VIP treatment at Opium Club

© @opiummadrid / Instagram
© @opiummadrid / Instagram

If you want to party like a Spanish God, there is no better place to do that than Opium Club.

Luxury and opulence are the best words to describe the upscale parties at Opium Club. Featuring two large rooms and multiple private areas, this lavish venue is home to an exclusive clientele who is a bit shiny and pretentious but who has one mission – to club the right way. 

With its lavish vibe and music repertoire, Opium Club is for those who want their next clubbing experience to be synonymous with the VIP treatment.

7. Wild nights at Teatro Barceló

© @teatrobarcelo / Instagram
© @teatrobarcelo / Instagram

Strut your stuff under the disco ball at the iconic Teatro Barceló. 

Formerly the go-to nightclub for famous faces like Prince and Rolling Stones, this free-spirited venue guarantees the best parties in Madrid. The hottest thing about Teatro Barceló is that it rose from a former theater’s ashes.

This clubbing destination is a hit among young and wild locals – but it is also a preferred party hotspot for visitors of Madrid.

8. Hot and heavy at Liberty Supper Club

© @libertysupperclub / Instagram
© @libertysupperclub / Instagram

When you want to experience the Madrileño nocturnal lifestyle, you can’t miss Liberty Supper Club. 

Located in the posh area of Barrio Salamanca, Liberty Supper Club is as fashionable as it gets. 

Having reggaeton, house, and commercial tunes reigning at the audio mixer, this clubbing hotspot strikes the perfect balance between the neighbourhood’s ritzy vibe and sheer nightlife wilderness.

Young and stylish locals find shelter within the club’s walls every weekend, so expect to see an uber-lively crowd.

9. Disco o’clock at Changó

© @changoclubmadrid / Instagram
© @changoclubmadrid / Instagram

When it comes to clubbing in Madrid, Changó never falls out of fashion. 

A hidden gem in the Chamberi district, Changó’s luxurious disco parties are similar to the ones in Las Vegas or Dubai. Its advanced dynamic LED system, artificial gardens, and ornate balconies shelter one of the best Madrid parties.

It is no secret that Changó opens its arms every weekend to both locals and tourists looking for the ‘it’ disco clubbing experience.

10. Fun times at Blackhaus

© @blackhausmadrid / Instagram
© @blackhausmadrid / Instagram

For those of you who get bored by one-story clubs, we have some good tidings. 

Blackhaus is a multi-functional space that features a cocktail bar and multiple terraces amongst others.

Catering to the upper class Madrileños, Blackhaus is the ultimate clubbing playground thanks to its versatile space. 


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