Madrid Nightlife – 10 Things To Do

June 18, 2022
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Madrid Nightlife
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There’s no shortage of things to do when in Madrid. 

Known for its glamorous night clubs and delicious late-night eateries, the city offers everything you need for a fun night out. From dancing the night away at Fabrik Madrid to doing a shopping spree session at the lavish Gran Via, this list will help you discover Madrid’s best things to do at night. 

Here’s your essential guide to the best things to do when the sun goes down in Madrid.

1. Watch a flamenco show at Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco

flamenco show at cardamomo tablao flamenco
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flamenco show at cardamomo
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Be awestruck by renowned flamenco dancers accompanied by Spanish guitar and percussion masters at Puerta del Sol’s Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco.

Founded in 1994, this theater has become one of Madrid’s most prominent cultural symbols. Showcasing the genuine passion and emotion of flamenco, this spot has been acknowledged by fellow veterans like Enrique Morente and Antonio Carmona.

Flamenco programs typically start in the evenings, with the last performance starting at 10:30 PM. An hour prior to the show, you can give your taste buds a real treat with a Spanish feast. Beyond the art of flamenco, there is an À la carte menu with Spanish cuisine at its core. 

Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco shot through the stratosphere after ranking among New York Times recommendations. And it doesn’t fall short when it comes to high expectations. 

When it comes to audience, flamenco devotees and curious tourists are the ones filling up the theater’s space.

2. Grab a cocktail at Museo del Chicote

museo del chicote exterior
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museo del chicote cocktail
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Hunting for boozy night activities in Madrid? Next time you’re in Gran Via, grab a refreshing cocktail at Museo del Chicote – allegedly the very first cocktail bar in Spain. 

Founded in 1931, the bar features an art deco interior that transports to the roaring 30s. Throughout the years, the bar has retained its original architecture and become a host to the world’s most glamorous figures. 

From Frank Sinatra to Grace Kelly, this retro bar was a go-to watering hole for movie stars and A-list celebrities. 

Museo del Chicote has morphed into the ultimate hotspot for boozy drinks and finger-licking nibbles. But going back to the cocktails – if you want to know what living like a Madrileño means, you need to have at least one sip of the masterfully crafted drinks.

3. Indulge in Spanish tapas at Bodega la Ardosa

bodega la ardosa exterior
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bodega la ardosa food
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Your stomach churning after a boozy night out isn’t one of the best feelings ever. But we have the solution – devour some mouth-watering Spanish tapas at Bodega la Ardosa.

This iconic eatery is an absolute must on your things to do in Madrid at night. Located in the heart of hipster neighborhood Malasaña, you can easily spot this late night from a mile away thanks to its bright, neon-tinged sign.

From cured meats and duck ham to garlic soup, there are a plethora of choices when it comes to the mighty food. If you can’t make up your mind, go for their staple menu item – tortilla de patatas, a Spanish omelet made with eggs, potatoes, and onions.

With roots dating back more than a century ago, Bodega la Ardosa is one of the oldest Spanish eateries that are still around. The hotspot is 134 years old – and it looks like it. The wood-paneled interior and vintage flamenco posters give its age away – in the good sense of it. 

This late-night eatery is a preferred spot for tourists who want to relish in Spanish street food – but also for locals who don’t want to cook tortilla de patatas tonight.

4. Party hard at Fabrik Madrid

fabrik madrid
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madrid nightlife
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Nobody parties harder than the folks at Fabrik Madrid, a mega-club featuring six clubbing rooms, a killer sound system, and the best electro beats from the Spanish capital. 

Situated in Humanes, the buzzing nightclub has been acting like a shelter for techno aficionados since 2003. The club boasts a huge main floor, multiple VIP areas, a terrace (with a dance area!), and seven bars to fulfill your nightlife experience.

Currently ranking at No. 38 in DJ Mag’s top 100 clubs, Fabrik Madrid has become the industrial playground for some roaring DJ names, such as Steve Aoki and Carl Cox.

From dawn to dusk, producers and artists take over the decks every weekend. Their sets have one mission – ensuring that both international and local party seekers will experience something unforgettable.

5. Shop until you drop at Gran Vía

madrid nightlife spots
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gran vía candid photo
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Next up on our list (and your bucket list, too) of things to do in Madrid at night is going on a shopping spree on the bustling streets of Gran Via.

Attracting more than 10 million people every year, this ritzy boulevard is the ultimate crowd-pleaser among fashion lovers. Its seemingly never-ending rows of shops bring the best of both worlds – you get international high-end brands like Loewe and retail brands such as ZARA.

Considering its rich history spanning over 100 years, it is only natural that Gran Via has undergone multiple changes. With more pedestrian-friendly areas and fewer cars, you’ll have an enjoyable night out strolling around from one shop to another.

Everybody who has a soft spot for fashion or wants to visit the Spanish version of the grand Champs-Elysées will roam Gran Via’s streets.

6. Take a photo at 360° Terraza y Sky Bar

terraza y sky bar group photo
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madrid nightlife
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One of the best things to do in Madrid at night is to snap a jaw-dropping photo from one of its many rooftop bars – and there’s no better place to do that than 360° Terraza y Sky Bar.

Located on top of Hotel Riu Plaza de España, this rooftop bar has a jaw-dropping glass walk stretching between two wings of the building. For the brave (and everyone looking for the ‘it’ Instagram post backdrop), you have that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk on air. 

This modern watering hole allows its guests to explore the Spanish capital from high above – at the end of the day, the world is (literally) at their feet. And the 360° Terraza y Sky Bar doesn’t disappoint when it comes to decor either.

Its squanky vibe translates into plush sofas, a swimming pool (yes, you read that right) and lush greenery.

Both locals and tourists make the most out of their night out at 360° Terraza y Sky Bar by drinking classic cocktails and fine wine.

7. Explore the culinary scene at Platea Madrid

platea madrid exterior
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platea madrid
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Get a taste of Madrid’s authentic lifestyle by diving into Platea Madrid, a gourmet space located in central Plaza de Colón.

A former cinema, this high-end market features a red-curtained stage where cabaret shows and dance performances take place. 

At Platea Madrid, you’ll be spoilt for choice for all things culinary. From the Italian cuisine of Fortino to exquisite Peruvian dishes at Kinua, there’s a lot to explore in one night – maybe even more than one’s stomach can handle. 

Your wallet should be prepared too. This is not your average traditional market – Platea is a ritzy gastronomical space where Michelin-star chefs are in charge of your next meal. This place brings tourists who want to splurge on their next meal and Madrid’s elite together.

8. Go bar-hopping in Malasaña

madrid nightlife Malasaña
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madrid nightlife area
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Looking for something that will be worth telling your grandkids one day? Embark on a boozy adventure in the alternative Malasaña.

This cultural hub has morphed into a hotspot brimming with quirky bars worth a shot. Start off with El Penta, an emblematic watering hole of the Movida movement in the 1980s, if you want to be teleported in the roaring 90s. 

Continue your night out at 1862 Dry Bar, which has been featured in The World’s 50 Best Bars. Its signature cocktail, the Cantaloupe Gibson will delight your senses with the mix of cantaloupe, manzanilla sherry, pisco, and rose water.

Another bar you shouldn’t miss is Fábrica Maravillas, a visually-striking brewpub that crafts beers specifically for the funky crowds of Malasaña.

The boho-chic bars of Malasaña (aka the alternative neighborhood in Centro Madrid) have attracted fellow hipsters and indie kids from all over the world.

9. Chill on a rooftop bar at Azotea del Círculo

madrid nightlife hotposts
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nightlife in madrid
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Take a break from Madrid’s nightlife buzz at the beautiful Azotea del Círculo, a rooftop bar that offers stunning views of Gran Via.

This particular rooftop bar is situated on top of Spain’s most important cultural centers, Círculo de Bellas Artes. As the epicenter of local artists, the building has been officially recognised as a Centre for the Protection of the Fine Arts and of Public Interest.

Azotea del Círculo is famous for its hefty bronze sculpture of Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom. Over six meters tall, the majestic sculpture has become a famous icon of the bar.

As one of the laid-back things to do in Madrid at night, this sky bar is the ideal spot to enjoy a glass of sangria while cherishing the breath-taking scenery.

10. Work the dance floor at Teatro Barceló

teatro barceló
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teatro barceló interior
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Wrap up your list of best things to do in Madrid by joining the pumped-up crowds at Teatro Barceló.

Located in the old Barceló theater, the glamorous club has three different areas: the Main Room, the Scotch Room, and the Sky Room. Each room plays different music genres ranging from house and electronic to 80s nostalgic beats.

Popular since the 1980s, Teatro Barceló was one of the places that witnessed the La Movida cultural movement.

Today, it continues to attract varied crowds with its late-night DJ sets and energetic party vibes – the perfect mood for your night out in the city.


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