LooLoo Studio Mexico City

July 26, 2022
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party at LooLoo Studio Mexico City
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Mexico City, Mexico

Club / Indoor Only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Hip-Hop


Live Music


Featuring lively parties and an inimitable vibe, LooLoo Studio is celebrated as one of Mexico City’s nightlife top tiers.

This Mexico City nightclub might be a rookie in the nightlife scene, but it definitely doesn’t act like one. Launched in 2017, LooLoo Studio won the lottery for location picking. This nightclub is located in the alternative Juarez, a neighbourhood known for its busy streets, sidewalk bars, and lively nightclubs.

Dripping in wood, LooLoo Studio has a soft spot for cosy settings. Otherwise we can’t explain the dreamcatchers hanging off the ceiling, intimate atmosphere and minimalistic decor.

The walls are covered in eccentric graffiti art, bringing a lively vibe to LooLoo Studio. Should we also mention there is a retractable glass roof you can dance below Mexico’s night sky no matter the weather?

When it comes to music, LooLoo Studio never fails to impress its demanding audience. The club aims to cover all music genres that clubbers might desire, but there are two that reign supreme – electronic and hip-hop.

Both local and international DJs such as Tom & Collins and Mau Moctezuma hit the stage. LooLoo Studio’s state-of-the-art audio system and alternative aura invites local and international music enthusiasts to live through an iconic Mexico City nightlife experience.

With a unique atmosphere, fuelled by bumpy beats and off-the-wall decor, Mexico City’s electronic heaven is the place to be.

© @looloomexico / Facebook


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