Le Balajo Paris

June 13, 2022
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party at Le Balajo Paris
© @Balajo75 / Facebook

Paris, France

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k


Electronic, Hip-Hop, Latin


Live Music, Casual, Underground


Le Balajo is a veteran in Paris nightlife.

A remarkable nightlife haven since 1936, Le Balajo stands out from the rest. It is in the historic square, Bastille, in the heart of Paris.

The area is known to be where the July Revolution unfolded but is now famous for its entertainment venues. Le Balajo has an exciting and highly animated interior worth a few Instagram shots.

The Paris club’s music ranges from Latin to electronic. Le Balajo invites people from all walks of life who unite in the love of dance.

Lose control and let yourself loose at Le Balajo.

Latin VIP Paris Soirées Latines au Balajo | © Herminio et Carole salsa.paris / YouTube


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