Klub Kafana Tarapana Belgrade

June 16, 2022
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party at Klub Kafana Tarapana Belgrade
© @TarapanaBeograd / Facebook

Belgrade, Serbia

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Folk, Pop


Live music, VIP, Local


Klub Kafana Tarapana is a reflection of traditional Belgradian nightlife. 

Ever since Klub Kafana Tarapana opened its doors on Kneza Miloša Street, which has some of the most important national institutions and embassies in the city center, it has been giving its guests classic Balkan fun. The club is a modern-day tavern and is done up in a mix of traditional and contemporary styles.

In this beautiful combination of club and cafe, visitors get to enjoy their drinks with a range of folk and pop music playing in the background. At times, Klub Kafana Tarapana hosts live events with famous performers, bringing in a consistent young crowd.

With its ability to keep the traditional resonating with the youth, Klub Kafana Tarapana has earned a loyal clientele over the years and attracts visitors to the city for a taste of the best of tavern nightlife in Belgrade.

25.11 Tarapana PROMO | © Milan Popovic / YouTube


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