Jet Club Buenos Aires

July 12, 2022
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party at Jet Club Buenos Aires
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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k






Welcome the weekend with a club that never sleeps – Jet Club will treat you to electronic music on the pier like no other.

In operation since 2004, Jet sits along the Rio de Plata, with a picturesque view of the yachts on the water. As part of the Palermo neighborhood, in the north of the city, nothing goes better with music than panoramic waterside views.

Jet nightclub is housed inside a black warehouse-like building with geometric orange spots. Opening up into a dance floor surrounded by black leather VIP couches illuminated by LED disco lights, Jet’s interiors give off elegance and opulence. Jet Club is exclusively open three days a week on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

As a trailblazer in Argentina’s electronic music culture, Jet Club offers a music menu consisting of all things house and techno. For years, Jet Club has garnered a reputation for its matchless VIP treatment that attracts an upscale clientele.

On most nights, club-goers don’t just bop to the killer soundtrack but also enjoy cabaret shows with dancers in glamorous costumes and performances to keep you entertained all night long.

From its unmatched suave interiors, stunning views, and stellar electronic sounds, Jet Club is the way to relish a fabulous Argentinian night to its full potential.

Argentina: Día de amigo en Jet BA | © Jägermeister (LATAM) / YouTube


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