Granada 10 Club Granada

December 07, 2022
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party at Granada 10 Club Granada
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Granada, Spain

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2k


Electronic, Pop


Upscale, VIP, Live music


Granada 10 Club transports you back in time with its beautiful historic interior.

Granada 10 is in Centro-Sagrario, Granada’s city center, an area known for its lively cafe terraces, upscale fashion boutiques, and vibrant nightlife.

Housed in a building that once used to be a charming cinema theater built in 1945, Granada 10 is a well-beloved nightlife destination in the city. The cavernous space has been renovated, but the club has kept its historical essence and added an upscale atmosphere.

Showcasing a blend of genres and live acts, Granada 10’s open-format DJs spin a mix of the latest pop, electronic, and Latin hits. The nightclub draws an equally hip and trendy crowd to its exclusive space.

From its beautifully decorated interior to its dynamic crowds, the nightclub is the way to relish ineffable Granada nights to the fullest.

© @Granada10Teatro / Facebook


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