Golden Pudel Hamburg

November 21, 2022
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party at Golden Pudel Hamburg
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Hamburg, Germany

Club / Indoor only






Golden Pudel Club is an underground nightlife establishment in Hamburg that emphasizes progressive ideas and inclusivity.

Golden Pudel has been serving unmatched party vibes for late-night revelers since 1988. Operating inside a minimalistic and colorful building, the club has made its home in the hip area of St. Pauli, central Hamburg. It boasts a single intimate room that gets jam-packed with people at night. Thanks to the long flight of stairs leading up to an adjacent street, partiers can get fresh air in summer.

The club features an intimate atmosphere, dim lighting, and a top-notch sound system.

Golden Pudel features top-tier underground vibes as its DJs spin techno, house, jazz, rock, and punk music. The club also has strong connections with Hamburg’s food industry due to its proximity to the Fish market. It attracts a hip and artsy crowd looking for a rowdy night out.

With a rich history, strong ideals, and contribution to the city, Golden Pudel’s gained an iconic reputation in Hamburg’s nightlife scene.

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