Gilda Original Club Alicante

August 11, 2022
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party at Gilda Original Club Alicante
© @gildaoriginalclub / Facebook

Alicante, Spain

Club / Indoor Only / XXS – 0-200




Underground, International, Alternative


Gilda Original scratches the itch for those yearning for underground Alicante nightlife.

Situated in southeast Alicante’s Old Town area, Gilda Original finds home on San Francisco street. The alternative nightclub has an industrial-chic interior with two intimate party spaces.

Gilda Original blasts electronic music in the main room while commercial hits take center stage in the other. The nightclub invites up-and-coming local DJs to bless its crowds.

The Alicante nightlife destination has become the city’s meeting point for electronic music lovers. Not only do local crowds hit the Alicante club, but Gilda Original also invites international club-hoppers.

Thanks to its groovy, lively vibes, and uninterrupted music, Gilda Original offers nights to remember.

© @gildaoriginalclub / Facebook


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