G-Spot Atlanta Tel Aviv

August 04, 2022
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party at G-Spot Atlanta Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv, Israel

Club / Indoor Only / XS – 200-500


Hip Hop, R&B


Casual, International


If you want to live through a rap video in real-time, G-Spot Atlanta is calling your name.

The club resides south of Tel Aviv’s Yafo, a bustling historical port area with many nightlife venues and bars. G-Spot Atlanta is American in essence and design as it dons an ultra-modern interior with a lot of sass and pizzazz.

Elaborate light installations illuminate the club’s spacious dance floor, while a roulette table takes the pressure off the dance floor and onto the chips.

With its name rightfully representing the ATL, G-Spot Atlanta plays an array of hip-hop music. Fans of the genre flock to the Tel Aviv nightclub as it hosts celebrity DJs like Scram Jones, who has produced music for A-listers such as – the one and only – Mariah Carey.

A young, wild, and free crowd of Tel Aviv party-hoppers make their way to the nightclub, ready to whine and dance to the latest hits.

Into urban culture and can’t afford a trip to the US? G-Spot Atlanta has got your back.

© @gspotclubtlv / Facebook


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