Funk Club Mexico City

July 26, 2022
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party at Funk Club Mexico City
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Mexico City, Mexico

Club / Indoor Only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Hip-Hop


Underground, VIP


If you are looking for Mexico City’s best-kept secret, you will find it at Funk Club.

Serving unmatched EDM-infused beats, Funk Club found shelter in an industrial basement in La Condesa, a Mexico City neighbourhood known for its off-the-wall bohemian vibes.

The interior puts the DJ booth on a pedestal – otherwise we can’t explain why the audio decks take over the club’s central area. Besides the hypnotic lightning system, Funk Club offers an intimate dance floor accomodating up to 300 clubbers.

Funk Club’s jaw-dropping visuals and industrial decor create an out-of-this-world atmosphere.

Since Funk Club is one of Mexico City’s trailblazers for EDM sounds, it comes as no surprise that the club boasts a rotation of techno, electronic and house DJs.

Funk Club opens its arms for both local and international artists to hit the stage and play their best tunes.

The club is open to electronic music variations. Funk Club housed musicians like Ellen Allien and Viken Arman, bringing hundreds of electronic aficionados to the dance floor.

With dynamic laser lights and masterfully-curated line-ups, Funk Club is a staple for any EDM devotee.

© @Fünk-club / Facebook


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