Filmcasino Munich

July 14, 2022
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party at Filmcasino Munich
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Munich, Germany

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XXS – 0-200


Electronic, Pop, R&B




Filmcasino is a stylish nightclub that screams luxury and opulence.

The Munich nightclub has welcomed the city’s late-night wanderers of central Munich’s classy district, Altstadt-Lehel.

Filmcasino’s stylish ambiance is courtesy of their metropolitan-inspired architecture showcasing an Art Deco interior, antique furniture, and sky-high ceilings.

Filmcasino is a restaurant that transforms into an upscale nightclub late at night. Once you have your dinner, you can dance the night away to a blend of ‘80s and ’90s music, house, swing, electro, and R&B. 

You can expect a mixed crowd of young professionals who frequent the Munich club.

With a combination of vintage interior design that brings out a chic ambiance, Filmcasino has established itself as a unique high-end club in Munich nightlife.

Butterfly Nights | Filmcasino Munich 08.11.2013 | © SV STUDIOS / YouTube


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