Fifty Eight Club Puerto Rico

July 20, 2022
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party at Fifty Eight Club Puerto Rico
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Puerto Rico, United States

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Raggae


VIP, Pool


Fifty Eight club is an exclusive landmark in the nightlife of Puerto Rico.

Matt Moncada and Paco Paco López brought Fifty Eight to life in 2019. Fifty Eight is situated inside the La Concha Resort, in San Juan’s most luxurious district of Condado, northeast Puerto Rico.

The club’s noteworthy interiors takes the vibe to another level. The breath-taking ocean- view club is accented a by tile-like ‘Cubic Sky’ ceiling, designed to reflect wave and sunset hues during daylight. 

At sundown, Cubic Sky brings a festive essence to the atmosphere, designed to match the rhythm of the music. Fifty Eight features a mirror-smooth dance floor, a contemporary chic design, and a giant outdoor pool.

The stylish Fifty Eight high-energy nights are brought to life by vibrant tunes of house beats and reggaeton. Whether it’s a DJ spin or a live performance, the music here will get you moving. Fifty Eight is a small venue that accommodates around 300 people. It is a hit destination for artists, celebrities, and upscale clientele.

Known for its vibrant party scene, Fifty Eight is your go-to club for a sophisticated night out.

© @fiftyeightpr / Facebook


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