Dybbuk Athens

June 16, 2022
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party at Dybbuk Athens
© @dybbukathens  / Facebook

Athens, Greece

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500




International, Underground


Dybbuk is home to all things electronic music in Athens. 

The club began in 2009 in the shopping district of Kolonaki, central Athens. Outside, the place looks like a small house, only displaying the club’s logo with bright lights. But once inside, it is the perfect place for an energetic night out due to its eye-catching lights and spacious dancefloor.

Dybbuk is host to a wide array of musical genres, from pumping house music and techno to a sprinkle of electro and tribal beats. With so much diversity in the club’s sets, it’s no wonder this place is constantly jam-packed with partygoers from different backgrounds.

The mix of songs played at this venue keeps the party going and makes it a spot beloved by many for the sheer range of music to dance to and partying experiences to have.

George Dexx @ Dybbuk (Athens) winter season 2017-18 | © George Dexx / YouTube


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