Depot Mayfield Manchester

June 27, 2022
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party at Depot Mayfield Manchester
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Manchester, United Kingdom

Other / Indoor & Outdoor / L – 5k-20k




Underground, Alternative, Live music


Depot Mayfield is a cultural venue and creative hub.

Spread out in the 30 acres of its designated Mayfield site, Depot Mayfield was once a railway station, renovated into a cultural space in 2019. It is located in central Manchester’s urban area of Baring Street. The architecture of the building makes the interior feel very industrial, but thanks to the lighting and decorations, it still manages to produce a colorful and vibrant atmosphere.

Depot Mayfield provides a platform for a diverse program of arts, music, culture, and community events in its events space, bringing in different crowds depending on the occasion. Its club nights predominantly feature electronic and experimental sounds.

Along with a 10,000-capacity performance space where bands, DJs, and live entertainment acts have taken the stage, a second ‘Archive’ space is also reserved for more intimate and private events.

SHUTDOWN @ Depot Mayfield (March 2022) After Movie | © Flexxed TV / YouTube


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