Death Disco Athens

June 16, 2022
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party at Death Disco Athens
© @margem_101 / Instagram

Athens, Greece

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Punk


Live music


Death Disco is the place to find everything goth-industrial in the city. 

Opening in 2013, Death Disco is in the nightlife hub of Psyri, central Athens. The entrance of the venue has a minimalistic aesthetic, only displaying black-painted walls, a wooden door, and the club’s sign, while the interior is complete with colorful lighting, a uniquely shaped disco ball, and neon lights.

Death Disco has become a witness to the city’s sprawling alternative scene as a new-wave club. The nightclub plays a diverse range of music, from EDM, post-punk, and gothic to indie. It has become the favorite of anybody in the goth subculture. 

Death Disco isn’t just a nightclub. The multi-spaced area has become the ideal venue for painting exhibitions, theatrical shows, concerts, poetry evenings, and other creative events. With great rooms for dancing, it’s the ultimate place to hang out for the night.

Death Disco @ Athens ,Greece | © Constadina Karastathi / YouTube


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