Control Club Bucharest

July 20, 2022
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party at Control Club Bucharest
© @clubcontrol / Facebook

Bucharest, Romania

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2k




Live Music


Control Club is one of the premier venues for great live music in Bucharest.

Control Club is located in Strada Constantin Mille, central Bucharest, near the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism. The venue welcomes you with a spot of greenery – with lush vines dangling across the entrance of the old-style architecture of the building.

The club has an intimate space and a balcony, perfect for dancing and enjoying music. It also has a garden terrace for socializing.

You can expect a wide range of musical genres at Control Club. From rock, pop, electronic, to even experimental. Its demographic is mainly young people and students, thanks to its proximity to Ion Mincu University.

Control club has consistently organized gigs and festivals with unique performers. Its cozy vibe and assorted music mix make it one of the most popular music venues in the city.

Senyawa live in Bucharest (Control club) | © The Attic / YouTube


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