Comptoir Darna Marrakesh

July 27, 2022
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party at Comptoir Darna Marrakesh
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Marrakesh, Morocco

Club / Indoor Only / XS – 200-500




Local, Elegant


A concoction of different cultures blended effortlessly, Comptoir Darna offers nightlife novelty.

Located in the L’Hivernage neighborhood, Comptoir Darna resides in a region buzzing with nightlife options. The west Marrakesh area is a must-see, thanks to its wide array of hotels and high-end bars to incredible North African architecture.

Comptoir Darna spans two floors, both embellished with quirky Oriental decor. Its interior merges traditional Moroccan designs with contemporary elements.

Loyal to its Arabic beats repertoire, the nightclub is bound to be your one-way ticket to some jaw-dropping belly dancing performances. Electronic music can be heard thumping on specific event nights in Comptoir Darna.

Gaining international traction, the Marrakesh club attracts an eclectic crowd of high-end locals and tourists. If you want to mingle with a crowd of high rollers, dress to impress at Comptoir Darna.

From a magnetizing ambiance to rich entertainment, Comptoir Darna will not disappoint.

© @comptoirdarna / Facebook


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