Cocktails in Paris

20 must-try signature cocktails in the city of love
May 10, 2022
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When in Paris, a tasting tour of the city’s best cocktails is a must. With contemporary French bars and quirky speakeasies packed to the brim with delish boozy drinks, you’ll definitely give your taste buds a treat by exploring Paris’s top cocktails.

From tomato-infused vodka cocktails to spicy tea-based drinks, Paris’s menu of delicious cocktails is unmatched. 

1. Khlassi at Le Sherry Butt

The yummy Khlassi | © @epicurean_living / Instagram

Hiding behind a discreet facade, Le Sherry Butt is part of the uber-hipster hangouts located in the aristocratic Parisian district of Marais.

The bar strikes the perfect balance between the bustling Saint-Germain vibe and Bastille’s hippie nests, featuring an interior that mirrors the New York bar ethos. 

Khlassi is a flavor-forward Paris cocktail created using Pisco, a South American brandy, delicate coconut lassi, vanilla, and lemon – all topped off with a dash of cardamom.

Sounds like the type of boozy concoction that is doomed to sweep you off your feet. 

2. Caprese Martini at Sister Midnight

Ladies and gents, Le Caprese | © @sistermidnightparis / Instagram

Sister Midnight is all about eternalizing the forgotten glam-rock energy.

With everything from frequent cabaret and burlesque shows to its leopard print upholstery, the bar is a one-of-a-kind experience that must not be missed.

What better way to indulge in the Parisian spirit than with an exclusive Martini recipe? The Caprese Martin’s boozy claw is there to catch you.

Taking the Martini culture by storm, this unique cocktail is a medley of tomato-infused vodka, gin, and fino sherry – delish!

2. Blanche Sur Blanc at Le Syndicat

What happiness looks like | © @lesyndicat / Instagram

Le Syndicat is known for being the place where the urban feel meets a curated list of cocktails.

But the cherry on top is how this patriotic Parisian haunt is only using French ingredients to fulfil its mission of bringing cocktails to the work of art level.

This Blanche Sur Blanc tastes just as good as it looks.

The bitter Paris cocktail is transformed into a floral and fruity potion as it is diluted with chamomile water and garnished with gorgeous edible flowers.

4. Falling Spy at Secret 8 by Buddhabar

The Falling Spy cocktail | © @secret8bybuddhabar / Instagram

There is little known about this mysterious bar, and it might be hard for visitors to find and enter Secret 8 (pro tip: you might need a magical password from their Instagram account) – but that’s all part of its charm.

Secret 8 by Buddhabar is easily one of the most famous places in the city of Paris, and it never fails to impress with its inventive drinks.

Can you guess who the Falling Spy cocktail is named after?

Their iconic Paris cocktail is made from Timur berry-infused wine aperitif, vodka, gin, and aged whiskey bitters – all touched up with gold powder.

5. Le Madame at BAM Karaoke Bar

The definition of an ineffable aesthetic | © @bamkaraokebox / Instagram

If you’re into getting tipsy and singing your heart out away from prying eyes, BAM Karaoke Bar is the place for you.

Taking inspiration from karaoke boxes in Asia, the high-end private karaoke rooms are bringing a breath of fresh air into the Parisian entertainment scene.

Visitors get their own space to let loose as they sip on some delicious signature cocktails.

Le Madame is bound to make your mouth water.

The signature Paris cocktail is a vibrant blend of vodka, violet liqueur, lime, lavender syrup, and egg whites – bubbled with champagne for extra booziness.

6. Phi-Phi at Moloko Paris

It’s getting spicier in here | © @molokoparis / Instagram

Moloko Paris is an Asian-cuisine restaurant by day and a trendy cocktail bar by night.

Featuring a curated selection of signature cocktails and Asian-focused plates with international escales, Moloko is a timeless and sophisticated nightspot.

If you’re a spice lover, their signature Paris cocktail is the one for you.

This hot elixir is made from vodka, fresh chili, basil syrup, lime, and tobacco liquor – talking about a smoky aftertaste.

7. Walnut at Little Red Door

A must-taste for walnut lovers | © @littlereddoorparis / Instagram

Little Red Door pushes the boundaries of Parisian style – maybe that’s part of the reason why the acclaimed bar has been listed in The World’s 50 Best Bars for seven years in a row.

With its conceptual boozy menu and quirky speakeasy feel, the Little Red Door is a pro when it comes to reinvention – or, at least, this is what their Walnut cocktail demonstrates. 

This nutty cocktail is a must-drink for walnut lovers.

The bold flavor is balanced with red wine and glasshouse whiskey, making it the perfect drink to indulge your taste buds.

8. L’eternal Basilic at Shake N’ Smash

The embodiment of freshness | © / Instagram

Shake N’ Smash doesn’t fall short when it comes to stunning drinks.

The bar offers a curated selection of literature-inspired Parisian cocktails, as well as some unmissable classics.

L’eternal Basilic is a dazzling twist on your average G&T cocktail.

It contains the obvious gin, Thai basil, elderflower, cucumber, and yellow lemon. As for the garnish, stunning flowers enter the ring to complete the elevated aesthetic.

9. Viungo Hop at La Commune

The mighty Viungo | © @lacommune_ / Instagram

Nestled in the heart of the edgy Belleville suburb, La Commune is lionized for serving authentic Paris cocktails in punch bowls that have African, Indian, and West Indies aesthetic influences.

Its chic interior, featuring a jungle-like terrace, concrete walls, and marble bar, makes it a stylish joint that’s eye-catching – but only for the cool clientele.

Viungo in Swahili translates to spicy, while hop refers to the plant used to create beer. What’s unique about the Viungo Hop boozy liquid is how it packs a punch of sharp and flavourful ingredients and still tastes like the winning formula.

Its recipe includes cinnamon-infused peach syrup, dark rum, and lager or pale ale to top it all off.

10. Create your own special cocktail at Bar Bisou

See the rainbow, taste the rainbow | © @bar_bisou / Instagram

At Bar Bisou, you won’t get a menu. That’s because everything that they create is tailored for each cocktail aficionado who passes the bar’s doors.

Having the “we will shake up a concoction that suits your fancies” mantra at its core, this is the type of bar that breaks the barriers of traditional mixology. Share your desires with the bartenders and allow them to invent the perfect drink for you.

Their seasonal drinks are created to maximize freshness and quality by using local ingredients. Yep, you got it – their alcoholic repertoire changes each season, giving prominence to diversity.

It’s not a secret that Bar Bisou is famous thanks to its exquisite cocktail list. Whatever special cocktail you end up downing, you can guarantee it’ll look (and taste) divine.

One of their iconic drinks, the Rosseau, is a good choice for newcomers. It features a combination of Umami, vermouth rosé, vermouth blanc, and bitters.

11. Robine at Frequence

The vibrant Robine | © @frequenceparis / Instagram

Fréquence should be the bar reigning on your bucket list – if you like a little disco, soul, and reggae music to go with your drink. Behind the bar, a shelf hosts an array of vinyl records, flagging this watering hole as the soul shelter of music aficionados.

The bar’s Paris cocktails are both diverse and ingenious, offering the perfect drinking spot at the heart of Paris.

One of their iconic cocktails is the crisp Robine – a combination of fir, shiso, cap corse, GR Blanc, Skinos, Blanche de Cognac, and lemon – pretty much a concoction that encapsulates freshness. 

12. Pimms Cup at Lulu White

If this doesn’t scream sophistication, we don’t know what will | © @luluwhitedrinkingclub / Instagram

Absinthe-based artisanal cocktails are the main headliner at this Parisian art deco bar. The Lulu White takes its name from the New Orleans brothel madam who went by the same name.

From the décor that’s transporting you to the roaring 20s contemporary folk and blues tunes, Lulu White has a lot of character to it. 

Its windowless front on Rue Frochot makes it hard to find, the only indicator of its existence being the small brass engraved with its name.  

A must-try cocktail at Lulu White is its signature Pimmps cup, featuring Porter’s gin, Quinquina blend, Royal Combier, and absinthe.

13. The Turkish Delight at Castor Club

A true delight, no cap | © @castorclub / Instagram

Castor Club is yet another iconic Parisian bar that’s way too easy to miss. But its secrecy (or intimacy rather) is part of its seductive appeal.

Behind its unmarked wooden door, a long menu of creative cocktails spoils the guests that are curious enough to open the club’s gate.

A standout cocktail is the creamy and acidic Turkish Delight, made of strong Peruvian pisco, acacia gum, pistachio cream, lemon, and cardamom – yummy!

14. OXO at Le Très Particulier

No words, just aesthetics | © @tresparticulier / Instagram

Situated in the Hotel Particulier, a grand townhouse hidden away in the green haven of Montmartre, the Le Très Particulier bar transports you right in the idyllic 19th-century. 

The OXO is one of the booziest cocktails on the menu, containing anise, herbaceous mint, Pastis Henri Bardouin, mint pastille, Le Vieux Pontarlier absinthe, Green Chartreuse, soda.

If the recipe doesn’t sound inviting, its emerald-like color palette will deffo tantalize your senses. 

15. La Piscine Municipale at Les Justes

A good deed with every La Piscine Municipale | © @lesjustespigalle / Instagram

A good deed with every drink – this seems to be the motto of this Parisian bistro. 

The inviting Paris cocktail bar sits in the popular neo-trendy area of Pigalle and has the giving back mantra at its core.

Whenever you order a drink at Les Justes, you’ll automatically give money to charities.

But Les Justes doesn’t stop at being an advocate for charitable giving through its striking bundle of boozy brews – it’s about giving a stellar cocktail experience to whoever passes its doors. 

For example, La Piscine Municipale is the ineffable combination of sloe gin, homemade rosé syrup, a hint of grapefruit, and a cider top-up.

16. Kota Ternate at Danico

Nothing goes better with rum than striped shirts | © @danicoparis / Instagram

Danico is located in the former Jean Paul Gaultier flagship store, catching the pedestrians’ attention with the barmen’s nautical striped shirts – a worshipful homage to the fashion designer.

The Paris cocktail bar’s mixology team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cocktails by adding all kinds of savory – and unimaginable – ingredients.

This Brooklyn-themed bar boasts a music rotation that has the 80s as its zeitgeist, allowing its guests to indulge in its nostalgic vibe.

The Kota Ternate is a balanced combination of earthy rum, pineapple, lemon, tea, creamy whey and spices – no wonder why the boozy concoction is a top choice among its guests.

17. Grøn Dyr at Le Mary Celeste

Yep, that’s jalapeño | © @lemaryceleste / Instagram

In true Parisian fashion, this inconspicuous venue can be easily missed thanks to its characterless entrance.

Sitting in the neighbourhood of Marais, the Mary Céleste oyster bar is a go-to spot for locals and tourists who are hunting for good food – and even better cocktails. 

Grøn Dyr is one of their vodka-infused cocktails, with sea oak algae, aquavit, celery juice, Granny Smith apples, jalapeño, and lime.

Pretty much the type of cocktail one wouldn’t want to miss out on tasting. 

18. Doctor Pepper at Liquorium

Boozy potions? Yes, please! | © @liquoriumparis / Instagram

Sitting in the center of Paris, this speakeasy is home to all things odd and quirky.

With themes of herbalism and laboratories, Liquorium is an off-the-wall cocktail bar where you can sip on mixologist remedies and create your own boozy potion.

The Doctor Pepper cocktail is the type of prescribed medicine we all need.

Featuring a combination of homemade turmeric and pepper purée, Rooibos tea, pineapple juice, coconut soy milk, and maple syrup, the refreshing concoction will level up your drinking experience.

19. Blizzard at Can Alegria

Gin lovers, this one is for you | © @canalegriaparis / Instagram

Back in the day, Can Alegria was a famous cabaret where Piaf sang on its stages in its early days.

Fast forward to today, the restaurant and cocktail bar is home to Mediterranean cuisine, wines, and original cocktails. 

Their Blizzard Cocktail is a must-try with its blend of gin, sirop de lavande, glace charitea, and citron. 

20. El Brazo de Plata at Moonshiner

El Brazo | © @moonshiner_cocktail_bar / Instagram

Moonshiner is a Parisian speakeasy-style bar with the concept of a clandestine drinking spot as its essence.

The 1920s décor consisting of cool chesterfields and quiet nooks allows guests to relax with a cocktail in hand.

Their El Brazo de Plata cocktail combines tequila, Pedro Ximenez & Fino, cap corse rouge Réserve & whiskey, all aged in oak barrels – the epitome of sophistication.

During the roaring ‘20s, the France capital was dubbed as the ultimate destination for off-the-wall cocktail experiences. Fast forward to today, Paris still reigns supreme when it comes to cocktails worth splashing out on.

If you ever find yourself thirsty while strolling on the streets of the city of love, you might just fall for these delicious cocktails.


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