Cocktails in Milan

12 must-try signature cocktails in the Italian city
April 08, 2022
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When in Milan, a tasting tour of the city’s best cocktails is a must. With luxury cocktail bars and divey pubs packed to the brim with delicious drinks, you’ll definitely give your taste buds a treat by trying Milan’s top cocktails.

From a twist on the classic Negroni to delicious gin-based cocktails, Milan’s menu of delicious cocktails is unmatched. 

1. Raspberry Vodka at Fonderie Milanesi

Raspberry Vodka | © @FonderieMilanesi  / Instagram

Hidden away from the prying eyes of wanderers, you most likely won’t end up at the Fonderie Milanesi by accident. A staple of old industrial Milan, the restaurant and bar sits inside an old villa that can be accessed through an internal courtyard.

Carrying an industrial-chic pleasant atmosphere, the bar acts as a welcoming drinking spot for all those who encounter it.

Their signature Milan cocktail is their iconic Raspberry Vodka, a blend of raspberry vodka sour and black forest.

2. Biancu at Frades Porto Cervo

Biancu | © @FradesPortoCervo / Instagram

Frades – Milano is all about quality regional ingredients and curated drinking options. Their small shop showcases fresh specialties served from the counter, with new and unique mixology recipes for their cocktails.

An iconic drink on their menu is the Biancu, born from the idea of a completely white Negroni. Featuring Sardinian gin, dry vermouth of Vernaccia di Oristano, hints of Pompìa and honeyed white Bitteroma, this drink will sweep you off your feet.

3. Yellow Submarine at Allangolare

Yellow Submarine | © @Allangolare / Instagram

Allangolare is where good drinking and good dining meet.

The bistro sits on the corner of Viale Abruzzi at number 46, with a timeless aesthetic merging past and present.

Their Yellow Submarine cocktail is designed by the two founders and it is one of the bar’s fan favorites.

It contains mezcal, Braulio, and triple sec – proof that simple things can be delish as well.

4. No Middle Way at The Doping Club

cocktails in milan
No Middle Way | © @thedopingclubmilano / Instagram

Starring memorable boozy aperitivos, The Doping Club is famous for its striking visual features, as well as its appealing furniture decor. This eclectic space is the perfect hotspot to enjoy the bar’s creative cocktail menu.

With hidden bars and secret entrances beyond the main area, there’s a lot to discover about the quirky venue.

One of their must-try cocktails, No Middle Way, is made with Tanqueray No. 10 gin, Belsazar Vermouth Rose, mango, and citrus.

5. Purple Velvet Drink at Ceresio 7

cocktails in milan
Purple Velvet Drink | © @ceresio7 / Instagram

Picture this – you are at Ceresio 7, a luxury restaurant located on the top floor of the historic ENEL palazzo.

Your eyes gaze at the interior decor merging brass, marble, and wood to spawn a vintage and off-the-wall atmosphere.

But something is missing – a one-of-a-kind alcoholic aperitivo.

Guests can enjoy a view of Milan from their outdoor terrace, which also features two swimming pools to complete the experience. 

Their Purple Velvet drink combines cream of Chianti with citrus sherbet, offering a fresh zing. Besides looking bomb, it also sounds delish.

6. Kissaten at Kanpai Milan

cocktails in milan
Kissaten | © @Kanpai_Milano / Instagram

Talking about feeling multinational – Kanpai is all about bringing Japan to the heart of Milan.

With its location in the Porta Venezia district, the venue is the go-to place for individuals who want to dive deep into the world of oriental-inspired cocktails and traditional Japanese dishes. 

Not your average sushi place, Kanpai is set to reflect a Japanese izakaya, with an oriental twist that translates into video installations and dynamic decor.

One of their extravagant creations, Kissaten, is a Samu’s style café cocktail based on rum, pepper, kombucha and coffee. It pretty much symbolizes how the heart of Tokyo can move in Porta Venezia.

7. Mabel & Charlot at Lacerba

Mabel & Charlot | © @lacerba.milano / Instagram

Named after the eponymous Florentine Futurist magazine, this bar showcases a jaw-dropping and geometric interior.

Its exposed beams, retro 70s chairs, and original 18th-century floors are all about sheltering Lacerba’s sublime alcoholic creations. 

The iconic Mabel and Charlot cocktail is a concoction of Kinahan’s whiskey, Dom Benedictine, curacao, squeezed lemons, orzata of almonds and mint. This boozy brew brings together Ireland, France and the Caribbean.

8. Shiso on Fire at Backdoor 43

cocktails milan
Shiso on Fire | © @backdoor43_milano / Instagram

At number 43 on Ripa di Porta Ticinese, a canal-side street brimming with fancy restaurants,  is the place where a small wooden bar looms discreetly – The Backdoor 43.

Measuring only 13 square feet, the bar is built upon the idea of a drink-away, featuring only four seats.

Their staple alcoholic beverage,  Shisho on Fire, is a fruity combination of mezcal casamigos, strawberry cordial, lychee distillate, tonic water, and shiso.

9. Short Island at Iter Milan

cocktails milan
Short Island | © @Iter_Milano / Instagram

Iter – From Italy to the World acts as a gastronomic airport since it is known for reinterpreting international flavors.

And what washes down this inimitable cuisine better than Italian-inspired cocktails?

One of their most popular Milan cocktails, Short Island, is a mix of Villa Ascenti gin, tea liqueur, citrus cordial, lime, Coca-Cola, lemon salt, and turmeric.

Sounds like it is the type of cocktail one wouldn’t want to miss out on tasting.

10. Pechino Express at MAG Cafe

cocktails milan
Pechino Express | © @MAGCafe / Instagram

The MAG Cafe is all about an intimate ambiance. This snug bar gives the best of the both worlds – it features a lively cafe by day and a comfy hangout by night.

Works by the artist Simona Cozzupoli hang on the vintage walls, reflecting its art-inspired vibe. 

Their secret boozy potion Pechino Express is a mixture of Bobby’s Schiedam dry gin, White myrtle Silvio Carta, anise, mint syrup, verjus, and cherry soda.

To say it sounds refreshing would be a superficial understatement.

11. Strawberry Daiquiri at Radetzky

cocktails milan
Strawberry Daiquiri | © @radetzky / Instagram

Since 1988, Radetzky has been a priceless icon of Milan’s fine wine and dining.

Open from early mornings to late evenings, the venue serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Stick bread and window seating ask for one thing only – cocktail o’clock.

Their delish Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail is a refreshing concoction of good rum, sugary strawberries and fresh lime juice – yummy!

12. Mastihazzi at Rita 

cocktails milan
Mastihazzi | © @ritacocktails / Instagram

Rita is one of Milan’s most famous restaurants, with must-try food and drinks.

The bar’s cocktails are held to a high standard in Milan, complemented by the bar’s inviting elegant design and lux experience.

Mastihazzi is a Rita-specific cocktail, featuring a blend of Mastihazzi, basil, coconut, lime, limoncello, mastiha, and vodka.

A metropolitan city like Milan, has to stand up to its status, offering an unforgettable nightlife experience through its never-ending menus of signature Milan cocktails.

As the birthplace of the aperitivo, the city is known for forward-thinking recipes and craft creations. If you ever find yourself planning a trip to this sophisticated city, these Milanese cocktails are unmissable.


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