Club Studio Tallinn

July 20, 2022
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party at Club Studio Tallinn
© @Clubstudio / Instagram

Tallinn, Estonia

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k


Electronic, Hip-Hop




Are you a sucker for clubs that don’t sleep? Club Studio is the perfect place for you.

Founded in 2011, this nightclub has produced one of the best and wildest parties Tallinn has to offer. It is located in the District of Kesklinn right in the middle of Tallinn, a walking distance away from the Tallinn Town Hall. The exterior of the building is placed in an Alleyway with a bright “S” sign in front of the door.

The venue itself is divided into two floors with each giving a different vibe. One floor is very vibrant and colorful, decorated with props that are suited to a specific theme. While the other is more gritty and underground, surrounded by black walls and hazy neon lights.

Boasting a rotation of prestigious international DJs, Club Studio takes electronic music to a whole new level. The top floor reverberates with heart-thumping tech house, D&B, minimal, and dubstep. Meanwhile, at the lower level, you can enjoy hip-hop and bass beats.

From its stellar electronic sounds to the sumptuous rhythm, Club Studio is the best way to relish a music-powered night in Tallinn.

NORA EN PURE @ Club Studio Tallinn | © Club Studio / YouTube


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