Cherry Houston

August 29, 2022
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party at Cherry Houston
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Houston, USA

Bar / Indoor Only / XXS – 0-200


Hip-Hop, Pop


Casual, VIP


Cherry is an ‘80s-themed nightclub and bar in the heart of Houston.

The club is nestled in the heart of Downtown Houston, a stone’s throw away from the Buffalo Bayou waterfront. The area is a bustling business district known for its upscale restaurants, vibrant theater scene, and energetic nightlife hubs.

The quirky Houston venue features an elaborate interior with red walls, paintings of famous icons, neon lights, checkered floors, and mirrored ceilings. Behind Cherry’s bar, a collection of vintage electronics and a vinyl collection complement the retro vibe of the space.

A giant, glittery unicorn hangs over the dance floor, leaving quite the impression on club-goers. Cherry features a mezzanine level with booths for VIP table service.

As the decor of the nightclub suggests, the ‘80s theme goes with the throwback music blasting through its speakers, welcoming a diverse crowd with open arms.

Cherry is everything you need for buzzing nightlife, from its quirky interior to the rollicking dance floor.

© @cherrybarhtx / Instagram


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