Carambolo Lounge Bar Seville

December 01, 2022
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party at Carambolo Lounge Bar Seville
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Seville, Spain

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2k




Upscale, Live music, Rooftop


Carambolo Lounge Bar is the place in Seville to smoke hookah and sing along to the latest Latin hits.

Carambolo is in San Lorenzo, in Seville’s city center, famous for its medieval and Renaissance architecture, lively nightlife, and shopping boutiques.

The modern rooftop club is a three-floored venue with multiple dance floors. Above the main dance floor, the ceilings are like a starry sky, but if you’re looking for the real thing, there is an outdoor terrace for smokers and stargazers.

Who doesn’t love a bit of flavored smoke in a popping nightclub? You can ask for Carambolo’s selection of hookah if you’re interested in a tasty nicotine fix with your booze.

Carambolo blasts the latest Latin music hits, bringing in a diverse local crowd.

With its vibrant fusion of killer tunes and permanently buzzing vibes, there is nothing you wouldn’t love about Carambolo.

© @Carambololoungebar / Facebook


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