Cabana Lounge Vancouver

August 04, 2022
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party at Cabana Lounge Vancouver
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Vancouver, Canada

Club / Indoor Only / XXS – 0-200


Electronic, Hip Hop, Latin


Upscale, VIP, Elegant


Cabana Lounge is the ultimate spot for partiers eager to impress their dates with nightlife extravaganzas.

The central club / lounge is in Downtown Vancouver, dubbed the city’s entertainment district. The area is buzzing with nightlife venues, and the 11-year-old club resides in an office building on a main commercial strip.

Miami’s South Beach essence comes to life at the Vancouver club as it dons draped cabanas and a whopping tree in the middle of the venue. The intimate Cabana Lounge seamlessly blends tropical and modern aesthetics, bringing an air of luxury to the club.

The Vancouver nightlife hub brings a diverse – albeit swanky – clientele to revel in its Latin, hip-hop, and EDM events. Champagne showers are on the table, so dress to the nines and fit in like a glove.

Craving beach-inspired nightlife happenings in a cold Vancouver winter? Cabana Lounge has got your back.

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