Boiler Athens

June 16, 2022
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party at Boiler Athens
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Athens, Greece

Club / Indoor / XXS – 0-200




Live music, Alternative


Boiler is where you can discover the eccentric side of the city’s music scene. 

Boiler is in central Athens’ cultural hub of Kerameikos – Gazi. The venue’s entrance is all black with the club’s logo above the door. While the interior is very intimate, decorated with hazy neon lights, stained glass windows, chandeliers, and checkered floors, making the place feel gritty.

This underground Athens nightclub has a penchant for darker types of electronic music. From late ‘70s’ synth and post-punk to trendier lo-fi beats and acid techno, it’s the ideal nightclub for experimental audiences looking for a special night out. 

Boiler takes pride in bringing together different kinds of people into its space. To top it off, you can beeline yourself to the nightclub’s bar for drinks.

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