Berlin Nightlife in 10 Pictures

February 02, 2022
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Berlin Nightlife is known for its alternative nightlife. In order to spend your night out in Berlin the right way, you’ll have to at least queue up for Berghain or immerse in the Spree River lights on your way to the club to say you partied like a true local.

Here’s Berlin’s nightlife summed up in 10 pictures! 

1. The iconic Yellow Tram

© @swc07 / Instagram

A night out in Berlin would never be complete without a ride on the iconic Yellow Tram that goes through the city’s top nightlife spots.

2. Queueing up for Berghain

© @berghain_ofc / Instagram

Although Berghain is infamous for having the toughest door policy to crack, that doesn’t stop partygoers from braving the long queues in hopes of getting a glimpse into this staple of Berlin’s hedonistic and outrageous nightlife.   

3. Going to the best techno raves

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Berlin is known as one of the best cities for techno music in the world. With internationally-renowned electronic music nightclubs such as Tresor and Watergate, techno and house are a vital part of Berlin’s nightlife scene

4. Dressing as edgy as you please

© @daniellabjarnhof_music / Instagram

Playful and creative outfits are more than welcome (and usually preferred!) when going for a night out in Berlin. From leather straps and chains to fishnets and short dresses, edgy and unconventional fashion dominates the city’s nightlife wherever you turn.

5. Admiring views of the Spree River

© @berlin_after_dark / Instagram

Stunning views of the Oberbaum Bridge over the Spree River are an unmissable aspect of your night out in Berlin.

6. Partying in urban spaces

© @yaamofficial / Instagram

If there’s something that Berliners love, it’s having nights out in creative and urban spaces. YAAM, pictured above, is a space where parties, gatherings, live gigs and cultural events take place in one spot.

7. Drinking German craft beer

© @brlobeer / Instagram

Beer has always been the prime drink associated with the German capital. Authentic craft breweries are all the rage in Berlin, with partygoers opting for nights out spent downing pints at craft beer breweries, such as BRLO Brewhouse

8. Attending a hedonistic party

© @nikitaklosewood / Instagram

This untamed city is known for its untamed nightlife. Parties celebrating freedom of expression go above and beyond, with no hedonistic pleasure on the table. Kit Kat Club is one of the spots famous for its kink and sex parties.

9. 24-hour parties at Watergate

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Watergate is famous for its non-stop parties. The wildest nights out at this Berlin club extend long into the early hours of the following morning and sometimes span across entire weekends. 

10. Ending the night with delicious Currywurst

© @curry36 / Instagram

A night out in Berlin wouldn’t be complete without finishing off with an authentic Currywurst, the Berlin curry sausage meal that’s bound to wrap up your night in the best way. find more information about Berlin here

There you have it, a snapshot of Berlin nightlife in 10 pictures! 


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