Bendita Primavera Bilbao

August 11, 2022
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party at Bendita Primavera Bilbao
© @LaBenditaPrimaveraDiscoteca / Facebook

Bilbao, Spain

Club / Indoor Only / XXS – 0-200




Live Music, Local


Bendita Primavera is the place to be to immerse yourself in authentic Spanish nightlife.

Bendita Primavera is only a few minutes away from the Estuary of Bilbao in Abando, the city center. The nightlife venue features a dance floor illuminated with a disco ball, and its bar is decorated with several silver pendant light fixtures.

The music at Bendita Primavera is all about Latin rhythms, playing anything from merengue to reggaeton music. The nightclub hosts events such as salsa classes and themed parties.

The Bilbao nightlife destination prides itself as a hotspot for Latin music enthusiasts. Not only does it attract local crowds, but Bendita Primavera also opens its arms to tourists.

Bendita Primavera greatly appreciates its heritage and culture and invites partiers to do the same in Bilbao nightlife.

© @LaBenditaPrimaveraDiscoteca / Facebook


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