Beluga Music & Cocktails Bucharest

July 20, 2022
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party at Beluga Music & Cocktails Bucharest
© @belugamc / Facebook

Bucharest, Romania

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Hip-Hop, Electronic, Pop


Live Music, Casual


Beluga Music and Cocktails has consistently provided one of the best nightlife experiences in Bucharest.

Beluga MC is located in the Lipscani commercial district, right in the center of Bucharest. Entering the club may make you think that you are walking into a cinema theater of yore, what with the facade donning a red carpet, posters of performers splashed on the walls, and their names atop the entrance in old school style.

But once you walk in, the scene changes dramatically. The walls of the venue are designed like a submarine, while the rest of the interior is intimate and colorful.

The club regularly features DJs and live bands that have enhanced the clubbing experience and warmed it up to the clubbers of Bucharest. The music played is very diverse, depending on who is performing. It can range from electronic and pop to rock. The diversity in music makes it a big attraction for the youth of the city.

It is also a versatile club because the venue can be booked for concerts, DJ sets, and many more.

The spirited atmosphere and versatility of the club make Beluga MC an exciting nightlife hotspot to look forward to for local clubbers on the weekends.

Jukebox – Live in Beluga | Bucharest Concert | March 2019 | © Jukebox / YouTube


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